‘As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul’

- Hermes Trismegistus

Astrology is an incredible tool
for self-exploration

Gain clarity & direction by diving into the cyles of your life and psyche.

The Natal Chart is a ‘snapshot’ of the planetary cycles in the sky, at the exact moment of birth. It can give insight into your psyche and provide understanding of occurring themes in your life. Every Natal Chart is unique and so are you.

If you..

..feel lost or restless in your life right now,
..want to know more about the deeper meaning of your life,
..are seeking a bigger picture perspective on your next best step,
..want practical but spiritual guidance in self-exploration,

this is for you!

Expect me to interpret the meaning of the celestial activity shown in your personal chart through the symbolic language of astrology and use it as a part of the guidance I offer to help you explore the deeper parts of Self, unravel Soul lessons and unlock potential. 


All sessions take place online, via ZOOM. All sessions will be recorded for you so you can revisit any time.

>>After booking you will be led to a data entry page where you can schedule your appointment & fill out your birth information, please fill this out right away after booking. <<

Amanda Huggins
Amanda HugginsAstrology Client, Anxiety Coach - USA
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“Rosa is not just an astrologer: she is an intuitive, a coach and a friend. She seamlessly blends these qualities together in her client readings, delivering your chart’s messages with clear interpretations, deep compassion and soulful guidance. Bonus: she’s just plain wonderful to be around! I highly recommend booking a session with her – you will leave feeling lighter and more empowered.”
Stephanie Priel
Stephanie PrielAstrology Client, Associate - USA
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“I had the most amazing session with Rosa! First off, I don’t think it is possible to find someone who is more warm, comforting, and easy to connect with. Despite the fact that we were separated by thousands of miles and a 10-hour time difference, I felt connected to and engaged by her reading. Rosa picked out certain traits that I have been focusing on improving and explained to me how I can connect with my true self to become the person who I want to be. And she presented all of this information to me in a light-hearted, relatable fashion. I truly couldn’t recommend someone more.”
Marcus Remonde
Marcus RemondeAstrology Client, Canada
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“Rosa is very knowledgeable of all things metaphysical and astrological. My reading was done in a professional, convenient, comfortable and knowledgeable manner. She expressed to me many things about myself that I inherently knew, but also things that I didn’t (but made complete sense after). In addition, she also leavened some aspects of my life that I don’t always like to admit, but are a part of me just the same. She has helped me to elevate myself on a spiritual level and inspired me to continue on an enlightened path towards oneness, using both love and light as catalysts. Thank you Rosa, you are truly special.”
Pieter Blom
Pieter BlomAstrology Client, The Netherlands
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"I just had a natal chart astrology session with Rosa, and it blew me away. I am really a novice when it comes to astrology, luckily Rosa immediately makes you feel like you can ask anything without feeling stupid. Just this one session already gave me so much more than I could have hoped for or expected. The combination of Rosa as a person and her knowledge about astrology make for a very pleasant conversation and an avalanche of personal insights. I am already looking forward to re-watching our session, it is so packed with information that it was impossible for me to process it all at once. Thanks again!"


For me to prepare your personal birth chart, I will need your:

If you don’t know the exact time of your birth, please contact me via email before you book your session!

**Purchased sessions are non-refundable. I can usually schedule your appointment within 2 weeks, but there may be a bit more of a wait. Appointments are normally scheduled at Central European (summer) Time, so take a timezone difference in consideration.**

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Natal Chart Astrology Session (90 minutes) – €165
By diving into the stars of your Natal Chart, you will learn more about yourself, your potential and the evolution of your life. You will gain clarity and direction on themes and energies present in your life, which will create space for transformation and growth. Rosa will prepare for the session by observing the chart and look for themes and patterns that comprise your unique story. After the session, you receive the recording and a copy of your Natal Chart so you can revisit whenever you like. Note: after booking you will be led to a data entry page where you can schedule your session & fill out your birth information.

Follow Up Astrology Session (60 minutes) – €120
When you have done your first 90 minute Astrology session with me and are ready for a follow up, this is your option. We will look at your Chart with the perspective of your current situation and intentions, and explore upcoming astrology for you personally. Note: after booking you will be led to a data entry page where you can schedule your session & fill out your birth information.

Astrological Coaching & Tarot (one month) – €465
Work together with me to gain clarity and coaching on the themes that come to life for you during our sessions using the symbolic language of Astrology & Tarot. These sessions will be spread out over the course of one month to allow some integration time in between. This month will allow you to integrate the perspectives and pathways of the Astrology and Tarot sessions into your life, while being supported by me. After this month, you will feel clear on your direction and confident to proceed forwards.
One month includes:

  • 90 minutes Natal Chart Astrology Session
  • 30 minutes Tarot reading based on the Astrology session
  • 60 minutes Private Coaching session based on previous sessions
  • Email check up to close the month together

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