Understand yourself on a deeper level by diving into the stars with an Astrology session based on your Natal Chart.

The Natal Chart is a ‘snapshot’ of the planetary placements in the sky and the distances between them, at the exact moment of our birth. It can give us insight into ourselves and provide understanding of occuring themes in our life. Every Natal Chart is unique and so are you. A scorpio with a moon in pisces is very different form a scorpio with a moon in aries for example. Read more about what astrology exactly is here.

Astrology is an incredible tool for cosmic self-exploration. Expect me to interpret the energies of the celestial activity shown in your personal chart through the symbolic language of astrology and use it as a part of the guidance I offer those who seek to grow and expand consciousness.

“Rosa is not just an astrologer: she is an intuitive, a coach and a friend. She seamlessly blends these qualities together in her client readings, delivering your chart’s messages with clear interpretations, deep compassion and soulful guidance. Bonus: she’s just plain wonderful to be around! I highly recommend booking a session with her – you will leave feeling lighter and more empowered.” – Amanda Huggins, Anxiety Coach

Book a 90 minute session, or work with me for a whole month to integrate new perspectives into your life immediatley. If you are ready for me to support your growth fully, check out my private coaching.

Astrological sessions take place online via Zoom. I will record our sessions and send it to you afterwards so you can revisit it whenever you would like or do more research on your own.


For me to prepare your personal birth chart, I will need your:

1.Exact (!) birth time
2.Birth date
3.Year of birth
4.Birth place and country

04:21 AM
24th of May 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

**Purchased sessions are non-refundable. When payment is made you will receive an email with further instructions as soon as possible.
I can usually schedule your appointment within a couple of weeks, but there may be a bit more of a wait. If you need something sooner, contact me before paying so I can let you know if Iโ€™m able to fit you in.
Appointments are normally scheduled at Central European (summer) Time, so take a timezone difference in consideration.**

90 minutes Astrology session โ‚ฌ165,-

One Month Astrology Package