Sensual Embodiment – divine feminine & sacred masculine

Sensual Embodiment – divine feminine & sacred masculine

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Healing the world, starts with healing yourself. Bringing yourself back into alignment with the divine source that expresses itself through your body. An embodied practice is crucial. Most of the times this means we have to ‘unbecome’ all that we are not, all that we have piled on as armor while growing up in a world where we get stuck into the extremes of duality. It also means we have to get into the body again, and out of our heads.

Embodying balanced feminine and masculine energy is what helps us tune into and express a wholeness, so we can bring a 100% of us to the table in this universe. A healthy balance of assertive, passionate, grounded masculine energy and soft, wild, sensual feminine energy. If you are a human, whatever gender, you embody both.

I have been working on embodying my feminine energy in a more balanced and healthy way, as I was completely unempowered in expressing it, causing me to lose myself in relationships and living life externalized. What I have discovered in my journey so far, is incredible.


A big part of this journey was, and still is in lesser extent, shame. Shame about taking up space in this world, shame of my body, shame around the stereotype feminine features not being curvy enough. This shame is like stagnant energy, getting stuck in lower chakras of the energetic system.

The lower chakra’s correspond with the more primal energies in human life, like our sense of safety, our sexuality and worthiness. When this shame sits there long enough, the whole energetic expression contracts and ultimately diminishes our ability to give and receive healthily in relationship to ourselves and others.  Here’s where interaction and relational dynamics get skewed. We get scared to soften when needed, and can’t hold space for others anymore.

Opening up

The funny thing with masculine and feminine energy, is that they both come from a place of vulnerability. They just express themselves differently, like polar opposites. To feel into when more yang is acquired, or when more yin is acquired, is to feel into the body. It’s like they dance together. But when I felt that my body needed or naturally wanted to soften, I contracted because I did not feel safe to do so. When this is the case, we need to peel this smelly onion, removing all layers that prohibit expression of the divine feminine (or sacred masculine). This peeling of the onion and expressing feminine or masculine energy through the body can be scary, even more so if there is shame involved.

Sensual embodiment

Sensuality is a beautiful and primal expression using the body, which requires vulnerability. It has shame attached to it, as it’s such a taboo while at the same time being present in every ad we encounter. A big part of sensuality is pleasure. Pleasure is a central focus point in the practice of Tantra, as it connects us to our bodies in a way that opens us up, so we can connect more deeply, with source energy within us.

Can you express you sensuality when you are alone? Through movement, ecstatic dance, mindful self-care practice? If the answer to this question is not a full body yes, it can imply this is also not being expressed in a relationship with another person. It’s one thing to balance feminine and masculine energy in oneself, and another to balance them within a sacred partnership.

The practice

If you desire to experience balanced energy, you need to get in touch with your body. What better way to access and internalize through the breath. Pranayama really is a fantastic tool to feel the energy moving through the body and is a great start to sensual embodiment. Dancing or moving the body freely while practicing being the observer of the minds judgement is also beautiful. I love ecstatic dance for this. Using the senses during random tasks, or using the voice in different ways will be beneficial too. Coming together during women circles, or man groups (whichever your energy feels drawn to most) is a great way to share practice and talk openly about peeling the onion. You are not alone! Empowerment is a key ingredient in all of this.

We are invited to live externalized every day in this reality, I invite you to internalize and relish full expression through your body.. yes please!

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