A few years ago, I was standing in line in Lisbon, to get one of those delicious Portuguese pastries, together with my sister.

In front of us stood a gentlemen who ordered a cherry liquor in a little ‘cup’ made of chocolate. Of course this sparked our interest, so we decided to order it as well.

As we took our cups and pastries to the nearby table, we found ourselves tasting together with the gentleman from the line.

What started as a mutual appreciation for Portuguese yumminess, turned into hours of talking, followed by dinners and eventually, Mannie would turn out to be my private coaching client 😉

Sometimes, our mentors appear on our path. That’s how Mannie described it to me as his experience. Of course, being the astrologer that I am, I looked up the timing of this encounter.

Let me explain how divinely timed this was:

We are all born somewhere in the lunar cycle. Maybe you were born under a New Moon for example. In Progressions – an ancient timing technique in Astrology – we take the first days of your life and count them as years in your life. So if the full moon hit at 29 days after your birth, the progressed moon reaches Full Moon in the 29th year of your life.

The Progressed Moon is like a timer in your life, indicating the emotional growth & overall tone of your experience.

When Mannie and I met, he experienced his progressed Full Moon phase, exactly opposing his Natal Mercury. The full moon symbolizes a peak point in the cycle, shining light on our depths & emotions. Mercury (the messenger god) in the Natal Chart rules matters of the mind, learning & communication -> this symbolizes his encounter with a teacher & teachings regarding his emotional growth!!!

What happened?

Mannie was far removed from being in alignment, his attempt to fix this was to remove himself (literally), far away from his home, with this trip to Lisbon.

During our coaching, Mannie learned all about tapping into his inner knowing, being receptive to attract what was meant for him & he completely stepped into his calling to be a writer.

We implemented spiritual practice too:

He could not sit still for 3 minutes, but after putting in effort and devotion, he now can meditate up to 30 minutes with ease, something that has changed his every day experience.

He learned to view his efforts and patterns differently, and took major action on shifting his successful international business.

This is one of my favorite highlights working with Mannie:

Great things have happened for him..and still are. I am so proud.

With the right support, the right perspectives, practices and accountability…. your life can totally change forever.

Mannie is a perfect example of someone who took the first step, trusted the process (and the COSMOS), alchemized what was available to him, and invested in the right support to reach his goals.

If you are reading this, I might be on your path for a reason too.

so if you feel a pull, how can I support you?

Let’s set up a call to find out. I love to connect via Zoom and meet you. No weird sales tricks or expectations. Just a genuine chat about your Soul’s journey 🙂

So much love,

Your coach, intuitive & astrologer