Warm words

In short, Rosa has changed my life. I’ve worked closely with her on a one on one basis and she has fulfilled her role as a coach impeccably. She is full of wisdom and tools to help you gain insight into who you really are, and what it is you really want. She taught me to uncover patterns that blocked my growth. She has guided me back to connect with myself on a deeper level. I needed it, because I was lost, constantly externalized and busy with a head full of thoughts created by my past and racing life.

Rosa helped me implement practices like meditation and many more, to help me acknowledge my thoughts but not to identify with them. This gifted me so much clarity! She taught me how to be more aware, how to sense my body and handed me tools I still use every single day. I highly recommend working with her to increase the quality of your life.

Do you feel like you are always busy, work hard, but feel like you are stuck? Do you experience pressure, tension and does your body signals something is off? Contact Rosa. Seriously, she will support you and commit to your growth fully. I am eternally grateful and would have never wanted to miss out on her life lessons and practices. Again, highly recommend a deep dive with Rosa for a profound sense of Self experience.

Dionne Pekel, Online Editor
Private Coaching Client

I had the most eye-opening, transformational astrology reading with Rosa. She got me into the depths of my character and helped me understand so many aspects of myself with such ease and grace. I’m a huge self-development junkie and have worked with lots of readers, healers and coaches, and Rosa was one of the most relatable, well-informed people I’ve come across. I felt so much clarity and excitement for my path, and have full trust in Rosa to help me understand how to navigate various situations in my life. She’s the real deal and knows her stuff inside out. I highly recommend working with Rosa to deeply understand your birth chart, to develop a spiritual practice, and to reach the next level in your life.

Maya Jules, Mental Health Coach
Astrology Client

I had the most amazing session with Rosa! First off, I don’t think it is possible to find someone who is more warm, comforting, and easy to connect with. Despite the fact that we were separated by thousands of miles and a 10-hour time difference, I felt connected to and engaged by her reading.

Rosa shared with me information that I found extremely compelling and enlightening–she picked out certain traits that I have been focusing on improving and explained to me how I can connect with my true self to become the person who I want to be.  And she presented all of this information to me in a light-hearted, relatable fashion.  I truly couldn’t recommend someone more.

Stephanie Priel, Associate
Astrology Client

They say once the student is ready, the teacher appears. This was definitely the case for me. I was in a place in my life where I was ready for mental and spiritual growth, but needed a patient and knowledgable coach.

Rosa was aware that was in the midst of transition and that’s where our sessions started; where I was headed, where I’d been and any experiences I’d had with the spiritual. Her tailor made sessions – that felt more like catching up with a friend and less like a rigid, preset routine – made all the difference.

Rosa has an uncanny ability to translate heady concepts into tangible, practical actions. Her knowledge is vast and her guides are fantastic! From pratyahara, to different types of journaling and meditation practices; Rosa arms you with the best self-inquiry tools for daily life. The guides she makes offer enough variety for you to never feel bored or stuck. Much like maintaining our physical well-being, mental and spiritual growth requires commitment and variety. Make no mistake, it’s work, but with Rosa it feels more like a fun adventure rediscovering yourself.

In undertaking Rosa’s coaching you’ll have someone who’ll encourage you and hold you accountable through your growth. The spill over effects of her coaching are almost inexplicable; you’ll definitely find your relationships, circumstances, and perceptions changing for the better all around you!

Mannie T’Chawi, business development professional
Private Coaching Client

Rosa’s astrology reading was in depth, meaningful, and had a profound impact on understanding what is going on in my life! I felt so seen and taken care of by her. She helped me understand why things are a certain way, how to use these planetary energies to my benefit, and helped me see my life path. So thankful for her intuitive guidance.

Kori Zornes, founder Revamp Retreats
Astrology Client

I recently had an astrology birth chart session with Rosa. Not only did she make me feel at ease but her knowledge, explenation and clarity was astounding. As she went through my chart it began to feel as if she was painting a picture of my life and the many sides of my personality and even inner workings. It provided me with confirmation to continue on my current path and allowed me a review of myself and what i have available to offer this crazy world. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Schmidt, founder Laugh love breath Tarot
Astrology Client

Rosa is very knowledgeable of all things metaphysical and astrological. She is an accomplished yogi and is very passionate in what she does. My reading was done in a professional, convenient, comfortable and knowledgeable manner. She expressed to me many things about myself that I inherently knew, but also things that I didn’t (but made complete sense after). In addition, she also leavened some aspects of my life that I don’t always like to admit, but are apart of me just the same.
In her I found a kindred spirit, a friend and an excellent teacher. She has helped me to elevate myself on a spiritual level and inspired me to continue on an enlightened path towards oneness, using both love and light as catalysts. Thank you Rosa, you are truly special. 

Marcus Remonde
Astrology client