‘As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul’

- Hermes Trismegistus

Soul Reading

Life Path Clarity & Guidance

Within this session I connect with your energy and astrology to illuminate unseen potential and support you in your development.

I will look at Soul themes and meaningful patterns in your life in your astrological chart and I can intuitively pick up on up information around personal/spiritual development, career, relationships and fulfillment – with the intention of all messages serving your greatest good.

In some cases I may connect with a passed loved one or spirit guide. Each reading truly unfolds differently for everyone and often brings just what is needed.

In a Soul Reading, I let myself be guided and may use Mediumship, your Astrology chart, the symbolism of the Tarot and Coaching.

Soul Readings are offered within an 45 minute appointment via ZOOM

I have limited readings available per month. After booking you will gain access to my calender to schedule your appointment.

It is also possible to be supported in a coaching container if  you want to learn with a trusted spiritual mentor and want to dive into transforming patterns or developing your own intuitive gifts.

Soul Reading €115,-

Book your Soul Reading (45 min) and receive life path clarity & guidance. Includes a video recording.
After booking you will be directed to schedule your reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I schedule my session?

    After booking you will be directed  to a page where you can schedule your session and fill out your birth time for the astrology. Keep in mind that I live in the Central European Timezone (Amsterdam time), so take a timezone difference in consideration.

  • Can you guarantee a passed loved one to come through?

    No I can not. In my experience, the intelligence of the Spirit world decides. We also need to consider a difference between what someone wants to hear, and what someone needs to hear. It is not in my power to demand certain information or presence. 

  • What do I have to prepare for this reading?

    Just have your exact birth time + place/date/year of birth ready for the astrology when you book your reading. Other than that I prefer not to know anything. Not because I am not interested, but because it helps me to clear my mind and connect.

  • Do you ever see nothing?

    That has not happened before, but remember there is a difference between what you want to hear and need to hear. I will never share something that is not in your highest interest. I trust my guides to lead me in being of service with the purest intention.

  • What questions can I ask you?

    During the reading you can ask me about:

    • Your lifepath, challenges, gifts, work and relationships
    • Growth of your Soul, Karmic patterns and inner work
    • Intuitive development, Spirit and your team of light
    • Symbolism in your dreams or nightmares 

    I will not give medical advice and I am not a therapist.

  • Will you predict my future?

    No, and I will not tell you about deaths etc. I do see overarching themes and developments of talents. Sometimes something specific comes through, but rememer that the future holds many possibilities. 

  • What astrological system do you use?

    I use the Placidus house system and Tropical Zodiac and specialize in Evolutionary Astrology. Evolutionary Astrology is a type of Astrology that looks at the unfolding of psyche, as well as your larger evolutionary purpose and karmic lessons in this life. 

    “In essence, each Soul has an intention for this lifetime and is using the personality as a vehicle for the fulfillment of that aim”- Steven Forrest

  • How did you develop your mediumship?

    I have been interacting with Spirit since I was a little girl. I continue to develop my psychic and mediamistic ability at the Arthur Findlay College in England (working with Tony Stockwell & Lynn Cottrell a.o.).

    I also studied with Gina Nicole in her Advanced Intuitive Development course.

    I will never stop learning 🙂

Magische experiences from past clients

Rachel – ‘After our session my life just feels easier and Rosa shared some thing I really needed to hear.’

Cyndi – ‘As a professional clairvoyant I was completely shocked. I can not recommend Rosa loudly enough.’

Alaina – ‘After my sessions with Rosa my life just feels a million pounds lighter.’

Amanda Huggins
Amanda HugginsUSA
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“Rosa is not just an astrologer: she is an intuitive, a coach and a friend. She seamlessly blends these qualities together in her client readings, delivering your chart’s messages with clear interpretations, deep compassion and soulful guidance. Bonus: she’s just plain wonderful to be around! I highly recommend booking a session with her – you will leave feeling lighter and more empowered.”
Julie Shivley
Julie ShivleyUSA
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The Astrology Consultation I had with Rosa was the best I've ever had! She is the perfect combination of knowledge and intuition with an outstanding ability to organize and convey the information she is describing, in a clear, concise, and light-hearted way. I came away with a much deeper understanding of myself and how I relate in the world.
Marcus Remonde
Marcus RemondeCanada
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“Rosa is very knowledgeable of all things metaphysical and astrological. She has helped me to elevate myself on a spiritual level and inspired me to continue on an enlightened path towards oneness, using both love and light as catalysts. Thank you Rosa, you are truly special.”
Stephanie Priel
Stephanie PrielUSA
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“Despite the fact that we were separated by thousands of miles and a 10-hour time difference, I felt connected to and engaged by her reading. Rosa picked out certain traits that I have been focusing on improving and explained to me how I can connect with my true self to become the person who I want to be. And she presented all of this information to me in a light-hearted, relatable fashion. I truly couldn’t recommend someone more.”
Pieter Blom
Pieter BlomNL
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"I just had one session with Rosa, and it blew me away. Just this one session already gave me so much more than I could have hoped for or expected. The combination of Rosa as a person and her knowledge about astrology make for a very pleasant conversation and an avalanche of personal insights!"

Meet your Mentor

Rosa de Boer is a Coach, Psychic Medium and Astrologer. She helps people from all over the world to develop and trust their intuitive gifts while illuminating the the unseen.

She grew up in a house full of esoteric books and conversations about consciousness during dinner. She continues to study and develop her ability at the Arthur Findlay College in England.  

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Lynn Cottrell not only communicates with Spirit, but draws Spirit as well. This is also known as spirit portraiture. Together we discuss the role of Spirit when it comes to artisitc or daily inspiration, perceiving Spirit in different states of consiousness (and corresponding brainwave states) and more about Spirit Guides & Free Will.