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“After helping clients from all over the world move beyond limits into freedom, trust and true alignment, I am deeply committed to empower you to stop settling and live the unique life your soul came here for.”

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Hi, I’m Rosa

I am an intuitive, astrologer and coach helping you to understand your spiritual unfolding, shift patterns, understand what cycles you’re in, and step into your aligned power.

Using astrology to gain cosmic awareness, together with powerful coaching to support spiritual growth and create lasting change, has helped many clients from all over the world flourish far beyond what they thought possible.

Growing up in a home full of esoteric books and conversations about consciousness during family dinner, it is no surprise I pursued education and experience in the field of Self-inquiry, Astrology and Intuitive development.

It took some twists and turns though, for me to end up where I am now. Let me tell you a little bit more about my journey, so you can find out how it can benefit yours.

Maya Jules
Maya JulesAstrology Client, Mental Health Coach - USA
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“I had the most eye-opening, transformational astrology reading with Rosa. She got me into the depths of my character and helped me understand so many aspects of myself with such ease and grace. I’m a huge self-development junkie and have worked with lots of readers, healers and coaches, and Rosa was one of the most relatable, well-informed people I’ve come across. I felt so much clarity and excitement for my path, and have full trust in Rosa to help me understand how to navigate various situations in my life. She’s the real deal and knows her stuff inside out. I highly recommend working with Rosa to deeply understand your birth chart, to develop a spiritual practice, and to reach the next level in your life.”
Daniela Liesdek
Daniela LiesdekCoaching Client, Holistic Beautician - the Netherlands
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“Three months ago, I committed to working with Rosa. I was stuck, and did not know which way I wanted to go with my life. Even at our first conversation I felt safe and understood by Rosa. She comforted me and together we embarked on this journey. Honestly, I have not regretted it one moment. If you are serious about change in your life, supported professionally, Rosa is the way to go. Her guidance has given me so much clarity, I now know what my life direction is. I experience way more peace and certainty about myself and my future.”
Rebecca Schmidt
Rebecca SchmidtAstrology Client - Costa Rica
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“I recently had an astrology birth chart session with Rosa. Not only did she make me feel at ease but her knowledge, explanation and clarity was astounding. As she went through my chart it began to feel as if she was painting a picture of my life and the many sides of my personality and even inner workings. It provided me with confirmation to continue on my current path and allowed me a review of myself and what i have available to offer this crazy world. Highly recommend!”
Lison Casanova
Lison CasanovaCoaching Client, Yoga Teacher - Australia
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“I just completed 3 months of coaching with Rosa. I highly recommend investing in coaching with her! I particularly liked that she was direct and very honest, but also really soft and heart warming when I needed it. After 3 months I achieved all my goals. She helped me clarify my offerings, remove my limiting beliefs and also made me learn so much about myself thanks to her Astrology readings. Rosa is so knowledgeable, professional and supportive, you can be sure you are making the right choice by embarking on a transformational coaching journey with Rosa!”

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