Intuitive & Personal development
Because deep down you've always felt you're meant for more

What would it feel like if..

  • You feel deep trust in everyday life.
  • You feel deeply guided and connected to your intuition.
  • You can navigate healing and inner work with confidence.
  • You can access your intuition on demand.
  • You can translate intuitive feelings and messages.

This is the right place to make this a reality.

The magic of Deep Transformative Coaching is real. My signature 1:1 Life Alchemy Coaching Program is specially crafted to kickstart your intuitive abilitiy, help you cultivate deep trust in everyday life, and build the life that nourishes your soul. 

This program has shifted many lives profoundly, from clients all over the world.

I talk to a lot of people who have been ‘feeling or seeing’ things since they were a child, but don’t know how to handle this sensitivity, have a hard time translating what they perceive, or have completely shut this ability off.

Luckily, I see more opportunity and teachings available, like courses, books or podcasts. However, the results are not always as hoped, simply because intuitive development is no ‘one size fits all’ practice. Everybody is uniqly sensitive and has different inner-work to do. And those two go hand in hand. 

Getting 1 on 1 support from a trusted mentor is priceless and makes a real difference. 

How it works:

Diving into self-development, we will uncover the root of current challenges, focus on intuition and your mission in life. I will encourage you to move beyond personal limitations and create space for lasting change and intuitive ability.

The purpose of this offering is to help you heal, feel empowered, and to create your own conscious toolkit that supports you in finding alignment and intuitive answers.

See what transformation has been alchemized by other clients

This mentorship has changed lives in the US, Australia, Canada, South-Africa, Finland, Denmark, UK, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Costa Rica and more.

Manoe Coaching Client - the Netherlands
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"Rosa helped me find myself again. I now know what's important to me and how to honor these values in my life."
Dionne Pekel
Dionne PekelCoaching Client - the Netherlands
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“In short, Rosa has changed my life. She is full of wisdom and tools to help you gain insight into who you really are, and what it is you really want."
Daniela Liesdek
Daniela LiesdekCoaching Client - The Netherlands
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"Rosa her guidance has given me so much clarity, I now know what my life direction is. I experience way more peace and certainty about myself and my future.”
Mannie T’Chawi
Mannie T’ChawiCoaching Client - USA
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“Working together with Rosa this past year has been one of the best decisions of my life."
Lison Casanova
Lison CasanovaCoaching Client - Australia
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“After 3 months I achieved all my goals. She helped me clarify my offerings, remove my limiting beliefs and also made me learn so much about myself thanks to her Astrology readings."
D.P.Coaching Client - The Netherlands
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"What a difference these months have made, I finally feel calm thanks to you!"
T.Coaching Client - The Netherlands
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"I now feel more self aware, I am softer towards myself and have a better understanding of my patterns."

How does it work?

What you get in this mentorship:

  • Mentorship of 4 months with 1 on 1 coaching
  • 8 deep dive sessions of an hour via Zoom
  • Access to Rosa in between sessions via chat (weekdays)
  • Personalized exercises and Trello Board to keep track of progress
  • I will use my psychism, mediumistic ability and astrology experience next to coaching
  • BONUS: access to my Online Practical Astrology Foundation Course

The experience of a lifetime

Investment: €2222,-  

paymentplan available

In this 1:1 coaching container, I’m here to fully support you and offer the experience of a life time. I work with a select clientele of people from all over the world, who are ready to grow.

I only have a small number of private coaching spots available. 

Based on these numbers, are you prepared to make this level of financial investment at this time?

If you feel a YES than I invite you to fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly to meet and see if we are a match!

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