Change your life while being fully supported

‘Life Alchemy – the practice of transformation’

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve built a life for yourself that’s been sort of comfortable for a while, but is not fulfilling you on the deepest level of your being (life isn’t awful, but it’s not what you dream about either).
  • Sometimes you think about making a big change in your life, but the fear of failure and lack of trust keep you stuck in your comfort zone.
  • You don’t clearly know where want to go, let alone how to get started.

  • You do know you want to build a meaningful life or even start your own impactful business in the future.

  • You are done with playing small, tired of your life being dictated by fear, doubt or uncertainty ANY longer..

If so, you are in the right place:

My signature Life Alchemy Program is specially crafted to walk you through self development and spiritual practices that will transform your mindset and life; allowing you to step into your power so you can shine your light courageously and live a life you LOVE!

This program is fueled by a lot of practice and education in the field of self-inquiry, astrology, yogic philosophy and mentoring, as well as my own experiences in life, in which I’ve grown through perfectionism, burn out and divorce.

Because I was once stuck too, in the cycle of convincing myself I shouldn’t whine and stay where I was safe.

It took a BIG toll on me. It got to a point where I knew I had to make a decision. It was scary. It took all I had.

The return: I learned how to stir, drop and distill. How to become the observer of my mind, how to access my intuition and how to take inspired action on what I felt deeply called to be and create.

The best part of this Life Alchemy? I now attract what resonates with me.

I have never been so much in alignment & flow as I am now, making a huge impact on an international scale. Don’t get me wrong, life is never perfect and always shows up in unexpected ways, but it is so much lighter to navigate with the practices of Life Aclhemy.

Now.. I want to show you how to do the same thing.

This is for the spiritually curious woman who is ready to dive deep, own her magic and turn fear into fulfillment, by becoming the Alchemist of her life.

It’s possible to gain the confidence & clarity you need.
It’s possible to connect within and live aligned.
It’s possible to grow new beliefs and build your vison.
It’s possible to create connections that nurture you.
It’s possible to start that dream business.

‘What we achieve inwardly, will change outer reality.’

- Plutarchus

This is ONLY for you if

  • You are serious about making changes in your life
  • You are spiritually curious
  • You are committed to invest in yourself
  • You are ready to step into growth

So much happens for you when you decide to turn self-doubt & fear into clarity & fulfillment.

It’s Alchemy at its finest, transforming your life.

It brings so much more abundance, joy, contribution, & relationships into your life that actually resonate with you. I know this might sound silly, but it’s so damn true.

And I ‘m not the only one saying this, check out what my students have to say:

Dionne Pekel
Dionne PekelCoaching Client, Online Editor - the Netherlands
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“In short, Rosa has changed my life. I’ve worked closely with her on a one on one basis and she has fulfilled her role as a coach impeccably. She is full of wisdom and tools to help you gain insight into who you really are, and what it is you really want. She taught me to uncover patterns that blocked my growth. She has guided me back to connect with myself on a deeper level. I needed it, because I was lost, constantly externalized and busy with a head full of thoughts created by my past and racing life. Rosa helped me implement practices like meditation and many more, to help me acknowledge my thoughts but not to identify with them. This gifted me so much clarity! She taught me how to be more aware, how to sense my body and handed me tools I still use every single day. I highly recommend working with her to increase the quality of your life. Do you feel like you are always busy, work hard, but feel like you are stuck? Do you experience pressure, tension and does your body signals something is off? Contact Rosa. Seriously, she will support you and commit to your growth fully. I am eternally grateful and would have never wanted to miss out on her life lessons and practices. Again, highly recommend a deep dive with Rosa for a profound sense of Self experience.”
Mannie T’Chawi
Mannie T’ChawiCoaching Client, Writer & Speaker - Washington DC
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“There have been many remarkable moments in my life because of the growth I’ve experienced as a result of Rosa’s coaching. Working together with Rosa this past year has been one of the best decisions of my life. She’s also inspired me by her continued investment in being a better coach. Knowing someone is just as committed to improving themselves as they’re encouraging you to do so, cultivates a unique environment for Mutual trust, growth and accountability. Rosa has an uncanny ability to translate heady concepts into tangible, practical actions. Her knowledge is vast and her guides are fantastic! From pratyahara, to different types of journaling and meditation practices; Rosa arms you with the best self-inquiry tools for daily life. Make no mistake, it’s work, but with Rosa it feels more like a fun adventure rediscovering yourself. In undertaking Rosa’s coaching you’ll have someone who’ll encourage you and hold you accountable through your growth. The spill over effects of her coaching are almost inexplicable; you’ll definitely find your relationships, circumstances, and perceptions changing for the better all around you!”
Daniela Liesdek
Daniela LiesdekCoaching Client, Holistic Ritualist - The Netherlands
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“Three months ago, I committed to working with Rosa. I was stuck, and did not know which way I wanted to go with my life. Even at our first conversation I felt safe and understood by Rosa. She comforted me and together we embarked on this journey. Honestly, I have not regretted it one moment. If you are serious about change in your life, supported professionally, Rosa is the way to go. Her guidance has given me so much clarity, I now know what my life direction is. I experience way more peace and certainty about myself and my future.”
Lison Casanova
Lison CasanovaCoaching Client, Yoga Teacher - Australia
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“I just completed 3 months of coaching with Rosa. I highly recommend investing in coaching with her! I particularly liked that she was direct and very honest, but also really soft and heart warming when I needed it. After 3 months I achieved all my goals. She helped me clarify my offerings, remove my limiting beliefs and also made me learn so much about myself thanks to her Astrology readings. Rosa is so knowledgeable, professional and supportive, you can be sure you are making the right choice by embarking on a transformational coaching journey with Rosa!”

The Life Alchemy Practice

I love leading people to breakthrough and guiding the exploration of the Self. We all eminate our own authentic vibration, and aligning with this energy is where the magic happens. I witness it every day with my clients. I work with a select clientele of people from all over the world, who are ready to grow and commit to getting results.

The Life Alchemy Practice rests on the following pillars, that have proven succesful time and time again:

Illuminate – become the observer so you can befriend fear, shine light on your darkness and become aware like never before.

Alchemize – transform your beliefs, energetics, state of being & attract what’s yours by raising your vibration.

Shine – express your authentic self unapologetically and take aligned action to live a life you are not only proud of, but also crazy about.

Together we will journey the magical field of Life Alchemy. I’m here for you, love.

Seriously, if not now.. then when?

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