Practical Astrology Foundation Course

Start here for a rock solid foundation and practical use of modern Astrology!

Learn Astrology with me as your teacher, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Always wanted to learn more about Astrology and make sense of your own potential through your personal Astrological Horoscope? This cosmic program will teach you a thorough foundation of the symbolic language of the stars and will help you interpret celestial activity with ease and fun!

Get to know the planets, the Zodiac and your own Natal Chart. I’ll take you through everything using video lessons while you also get access to our private Facebook group, to ask questions and share discoveries with me and other students.

The course contains 6,5 hours of video material, divided into 10 parts. This Course covers a detailed overview of the history, philosophy, and techniques of modern astrology. It is presented entirely online through a private website that each student gains access to upon registering. The lessons in the course are presented through a video lecture format full of chart examples, diagrams, with complementary downloadable Cheat Sheets. At the end you can take an optional final test, to test your new knowledge. 

New students can begin the course at any time when registering for the course. Shortly after you register for the course you will receive an email with your login information for the course site. Please Note that this course is in English.

What you can expect as a result from this program

This Course is for you if:

Sanne Schouten
Sanne Schouten
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“Rosa is a super sweet, practical and thorough astrologer. I found it very inspiring to follow her Astrology course. In a very low-key way she made me familiar with the amazing world of Astrology. The course is perfect for everyone that wants to know more than just the basic horoscopes. This course really connects the movements of the planets with the spiritual and energetic influences it has. Rosa makes all the information super tangible by a lot of personal examples. The course didn't just give me a basic knowledge on astrology but also gave me a lot of insight on myself and how astrological movements have their influence on my daily life. Long story short: I found it a super neat course that really gave me the first handles to discover the world of astrology some more by myself.”
Geerte de Boer
Geerte de Boer
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“This Program was very great and insightful and I loved the likeminded people in the facebook group! It’s great to learn how to interpret your own Natal Chart. Rosa is a great teacher! She teaches in a practical way with humor. There is a lot of information on the internet these days about Astrology, but this course filters through the crap. It is broken down in bite size chunks and delivers on results. Highly recommend learning the foundation of Astrology with Rosa!”

The Curriculum

Lesson 1

Introduction, get your own chart, study tips & the curriculum explained

Lesson 2

Astrology, the history & evolution. We’ll dive into the history and the origin of Western Astrology and discuss how Astrology has evolved.

Lesson 3

Get to know the Zodiac. Gain a solid understanding of sign symbolism, based on the seasonal phases of the orbit of the earth. We will explore the tropical Zodiac and go through each archetype together.

Lesson 4

Get to know the planets. Together, we will discover each planet and their astrological meaning based on mythology. This will provide a fantastic context for you to integrate the planets like never before.

Lesson 5

Chart Anatomy & the Houses. Now we understand the origin of Astrology and the building blocks used to describe the symbolic language, we will dive into the anatomy of the chart and go into the meaning of the 12 houses.

Lesson 6

Interpretation 101. Putting the puzzle pieces together with a strategy that will help you interpret astrology for years to come.

Lesson 7

The Lunar Nodes. The psychology and important themes have come to life, now it’s time to look at the evolution of karma and soul, by interpreting the North & South Node of the Moon.

Lesson 8

Predicting with Transits. Learn what how Transits affect your personal chart and how to predict cycles and seasonal changes by looking closely at current and upcoming celestial activity.

Lesson 9

Interpreting the Chart of our Mystery person

Lesson 10

Final test (optional)

Accessing the course

When a new student registers for the course they will able to log in to the course site and begin studying at their leisure.
A broadband internet connection is required for the course in order to stream video lecture files that would take a while on slower connections.

Registering for the Course

The price for the Practical Astrology Foundation Course is €395. After completing your payment you will receive an email and instructions for getting started with the course. If you have any questions about the course then please contact Rosa de Boer at