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The deeper meaning of our human life

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Billions of years ago, before time existed, there was nothingness, where all and everything was one, until somehow this oneness expanded into thousands of vibrating particles. As if the universe decided to become itself in many different forms. As if the universe needed to get to know itself, through itself.

Universal consciousness had fragmented into different forms of life, many solar systems full of beings, all originating from exploding stars. Some fragments on a quest to become whole again, merging back into infinite oneness. Some fragments not aware of their source, not fully conscious. That’s the dualistic nature of manifestation, one side doesn’t exist without the other.

Form and the formless together, express the manifestation of a great being we all know and get to experience. Floating while emanating vibrations, spinning while evolving; I am talking about the Earth. So big, we can’t comprehend its presence. Only when we would go into space and see our planet from above, we could fall silent because of its magnitude.

It’s brothers and sisters live near us as well, huge planets traveling through our cosmos at different speeds, striking up their own vibrational interaction while coming closer together and drifting further apart.

And then there’s us, human beings. A human form of life expressing its own vibration, surviving on a very primary level of existence, enjoying fruits and shelter from the Earth. Mostly without any awareness of our true nature, the consciousness at our core. Without much understanding about the intricacies of our potential, the way we experience time, or the power of love in this 3D world.

The practice is getting in touch with the presence behind our thoughts, the source of our subconscious. Learning, that when we look at the stars, we see ourselves. That when we walk among trees or wade through our oceans, we wander through ourselves.

So here we are, traveling through time and space, at the speed of our breath. Getting to know the expression of the human form to become more conscious again. Slowly remembering, who we truly are.

To fully understand this, is to fully experience it. Not merely grasping it as an intellectual concept. To come closer, we need to internalize in a world where we are constantly externalized.

We need to sense our bodies and energetic structures, collect our identified minds. We need to observe all that we are not, unifying matter and the metaphysical and sink into stillness.

We need to wake up to use this reality for the growth of our consciousness. We need to experience love, prayer, grief, gratitude, fear, creation, wonder, giving and receiving.

We need to explore the impressions human cultures and our earth have to offer.

We need to explore the depths of the Self.

You are not your thoughts. You are not your accomplishments. Not your title or even your own body.

You are consciousness having a human experience.

-Rosa de Boer

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